How you can contribute?

Our partners can opt for the role of either a Principal or a Part Sponsor of the event. NATCON 2019 sponsors are given exclusive benefits and recognition that are commensurate with their total level of participation. There is pre-event visibility and onsite branding and exposure opportunities. An arena for networking with global industry leaders and practitioners. As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to showcase your organization through a video presentation. You can have delegates representing your organization attend NATCON 2019.

  • Global audience that will be present at the conference
  • Change leaders, leading industrialists and policy makers who will be present at the conference
  • Brand exposure and competitive advantage
  • Drive traffic to your booth, gain valuable visitors and more business opportunities
  • Your competitors are also sponsoring
  • We have a package to suit your budget and goals, that will ensure visibility to every sponsoring partner


Principal Sponsor
Rs. 1,00,00,000
Platinum Sponsor
Rs. 75,00,000
Diamond Sponsor
Rs. 60,00,000
Gold Sponsor
Rs. 50,00,000
Silver Sponsor
Rs. 25,00,000
Associate Sponsor
Rs. 10,00,000
Lunch/Dinner Sponsor
Rs. 5,00,000
Academic Partner
Rs. 5,00,000
Kit Sponsor
Rs. 5,00,000
  • Principal Sponsor: Designed for a world leading organization, this prestigious package offers complete visibility across the entire event.
  • Platinum Sponsor: The platinum package offers excellent positioning and opportunities for leading industry organizations to bring your brand’s awareness to the next level
  • Diamond Sponsor: This sponsorship gives you visibility at multiple levels and brand awareness in the face of global partners
  • Gold Sponsor: Participation as a gold sponsor provides your organization with an excellent way to raise your profile to key business potential partners across a global platform
  • Silver Sponsor: The silver package offers your organization the opportunity to network and present to key decision makers
  • Associate Sponsor: Highlight your brand, even on a budget, to further your return on investment
  • Lunch/Dinner Sponsor: An opportunity to showcase your brand during the lunch or dinner sessions, in the dining pavilion.
  • Academic Partner: Main sponsor for the academic paper presentation session, ensuring visibility to leading academicians and renowned educational institutions
  • Kit Sponsor: Main sponsor for the Conference kit ensuring visibility at the ground level and brand awareness
Sl. No. Category Sponsorship Amount Pavilion space Logo on Backdrop Logo on Side Walls Logo on Promotional activities (Brochure, Website etc.) Material on Delegate Kit Corporate Video Presentation(max 5 minutes) Stall Compliment delegates Display of Standees Advertisement in Souvenir
1 Principal Sponsor 1,00,00,000 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes ( 4 times during conference) Yes 25 Yes(15 Nos) Full Page Backside
2 Platinum Sponsor 75,00,000 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes(3 times during conference) Yes 18 Yes(12 Nos) Full Page Inside
3 Diamond Sponsor 60,00,000 No Yes No Yes Yes Yes(2 times during conference) Yes 15 Yes(10 Nos) Full Page Inside
4 Gold Sponsor 50,00,000 No Yes No Yes Yes Yes(1 times during conference) Yes 10 Yes(8 Nos) Full Page Inside
5 Silver Sponsor 25,00,000 No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes 8 Yes(5 Nos) Full Page Inside
6 Associate Sponsor 10,00,000 No No Yes No Yes No Yes 5 Yes(2 Nos) Full Page Inside
7 Lunch / Dinner Sponsor 5,00,000 No No Yes No Yes No No 3 No Half Page
8 Academic Partner 5,00,000 No No Yes No Yes No No 3 No Half Page
9 Kit Sponsor 5,00,000 No No Yes No Yes No No 3 No Half Page